About Prescon Bulding Services Ltd

Company Goals:

We are a small, well established company specialized in all aspects of interior design, extensions and lofts. Our vision is to be a premier construction services provider, distinguished by a thorough understanding our clients needs, resulting in innovative and dynamic strategies, implemented by great people, providing superior multi-disciplined highly integrated array of construction services that satisfy all of our customer's project needs. This purpose is reflected in our "Customer Promise" which pledges that we: "With honesty and integrity, will work hard, work smart, and work efficiently on our customer's behalf, to help them achieve their project goals." Our mission is to become intimately acquainted with our customer's needs, wants, and realities and then provide "Best in Class" practice, and products that result in satisfaction of their needs, creating customer loyalty and PRESCON BUILDING SERVICES LTD. being the "preferred source" for Construction Services.
  1. Create Customers: By thoroughly understanding our Customer's needs, wants, and realities, and crafting innovative services that respond to those demands, we will differentiate our company resulting in creation of customers.
  2. Industry Leadership: To be an industry leader recognized for exceptional financial and quality performance.
  3. Stability and Longevity: Achieve annual growth and stability resulting in the Company's ability to guarantee corporate obligations.
  4. Clarity of Vision: Promote an environment that enables PRESCON BUILDING SERVICES’S team to achieve clearly stated results consistent with the Company's Purpose, Mission, Goals, and Objectives and further defined by "Best in Class" Practices and Product.
  5. Achieve "Best in Class" Practices and Product: Strive to attain "Best in Class" standards in all Company activities and communications.
We offer competitive estimates, source only the highest quality materials and deliver projects on time and to budget with the minimum of disruption throughout.

We usually require the following sets of documents/drawings in order to arrive at a meaningful price if a traditional building contract is proposed.
  1. Architect’s drawings and specification
  2. Structural engineer’s drawings and specification
  3. Schedule of Works (if available)
  4. Bill of Quantities (if relevant)
  5. Mechanical & Electrical drawings and specification (if available)
  6. Interior design drawings and specification (if relevant)
  7. Any specialist drawings/specifications
A Project manager will need to view the site where the proposed building works will take place in order to make sure we are able to provide an accurate and meaningful estimate as well as a programme.

If the client wishes to proceed with the project, both Prescon Building Services Ltd. & the client will need to sign a standard contract before works commence.

Here's no long-term investment quite like a home.

 Where as a car may last you ten or twenty years, with some investments in maintenance - refurbishment or renovation, your house will last a lot more than a lifetime. But how do you know when to refurbish and when to renovate?

Most experts will tell you the golden rule for deciding between renovation and refurbishment is: "if it isn't broken, don't replace it". For those unfamiliar with the terminology,

Renovation involves:
  • changes in structure,
  • the replacement of a defective item or area of your home,
  • conversions and/or extensions,
Refurbishment involves:
  • fixing the troubled area or item,
  • decorating
  • and generally speaking, restore to freshness of appearance or good condition of the house.
Knowing the difference between the two can mean the difference between saving and losing hundreds, even thousands of pounds. You can rely on us to help you decide what is best for your property - or your budget.
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